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The problems confronting our society when it comes to the generation of power and the consumption of natural resources are no secret. It's because of these problems that there is an ever-more urgent need for innovative solutions capable of meeting rising energy demands while also minimizing our impact on the environment.


That's where we come in. We've developed a technology that's capable of revolutionizing the way households consume power by allowing them to cleanly and efficiently generate it themselves!


To do so, N-Gen Technologies has taken one of the world's most abundant and cheap resources, a centuries-old technology, and state-of-the-art innovations to deliver a 21st-century solution to a 21st-century need. 


It's called N-Gen1 and it is an efficient and easy-to-install home power appliance which generates electricity in a package that's smaller than most other household appliances you own. But, it's unlike any other electric generator on the market today in more ways than one. Our home power appliance is cheaper than solar, has a smaller manufacturing footprint, and can provide homeowners with a return on their investment that far exceeds anything else on the marketplace.

The Problem with Power Today

There are a number of problems regarding the ways in which we both generate and consume power. It is these very problems that if left unchecked could jeopardize our ability to meet demand and stave off environmental catastrophe.

centralized power plants


In North America, the production of power is centralized around power plants that are big, noisy and unsightly. In addition, many of these plants can have adverse effects on the environments that surround them and simply aren't as efficient as you'd expect in the 21st century.

Natural Gas Power

Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the most abundant resources on the planet, and it's as cheap as it's been in a generation. Despite this, most natural gas in North America is simply burned off rather than exploited as an energy source.

Power grid

Transmission Loses

It's just a fact that the power grid in North America is built upon technology that's rapidly approaching obsolescence. Because of this, up to half of your power can become wasted between generation and when reaches your home.


Finding a Solution in Centuries-Old Tech


Our technology is a complete reimagining of the centuries-old heat engine. It will be more powerful and twice the efficiency of traditional heat engine designs. This increase in efficiency means that our technology will be more productive than any power generator of any size using any fuel.


N-Gen’s technology (US patent 13949795) dramatically improves thermal performance due to a revolutionary active regenerator and a pin-fin heating-and-cooling system that allows better gas and pressure flow. Because of these advances, we have developed the perfect tool for converting natural gas into electrical energy.


Our first production model is known as the “N-Gen1”. It is a power-generating appliance that will be capable of providing 100% of a home’s power needs through the conversion of natural gas into electricity.


With a modest goal of 30% thermal efficiency, lower-cost components will allow our first production units to eclipse the performance of ANY combustion-powered generator currently on the marketplace. In the future, the utilization of higher-cost materials, such as high-performance ceramics and advanced mixed alloy metals, will allow our thermal efficiency to exceed 45% in future products.

N-Gen Technology

The above three problems are serious ones, and it is the middle one of those issues -- the wasting of natural gas -- in which N-Gen Technologies has drawn inspiration for an inventive and simple solution.


The inspiration comes from heat engines, which were first conceived over two centuries ago. These types of engines use a combustible fuel source like coal or wood in order to generate gas pressure, which in turn can push a piston and a crank.


This model to the right demonstrates how a heat engine works. It shows how heat is taken in from the bottom, which causes expanding hot gas to drive the lower piston with contracting cold gas pulling the upper piston from the top. It's a simple device, but also one that hasn't truly been innovated since it was first conceived.

Due to this lack of innovation, inefficient heating, cooling and gas exchange have long made these low-torque devices unsuitable for electricity production. 


But all of that is about the change...

The Heart of the N-Gen1
N-Gen1 Heat Engine Side View
The Guts of N-Gen1
Topology N-Gen1
N-Gen1 No Sides
N-Gen Technology
The Benefits of the N-Gen1

The N-Gen1 will be the most efficient way to generate electricity for the home. But, it's important to not think of the N-Gen1 as a power generator in the traditional sense... In fact, it's better to think of it as a home appliance. 

It's an appliance that can fit right next to your washer and dryer, and it can be installed in mere minutes. It's also not loud and obtrusive like the gas- and diesel-powered generators you might be thinking of. In fact, users will likely discover that it's as quiet as every other appliance in their homes.

N-Gen1 advantages
The Advantages of the N-Gen1
  • Low Noise and Vibration: As quiet as a modern refrigerator

  • Low Maintenance: 25-year service life

  • Low Emissions: Much less than utility scale gas turbines

  • Low Cost of Ownership: 3-year or less ROI in most cases 

  • Scalable in nature: 1.5KW to 15KW to 1MW

  • Expanded base of applications due to flexible fuel

How Does the N-Gen1 Compare to Solar Power?

As homeowners look for ways to lower their energy costs and to limit their impact on the environment, many are looking into installing solar panels. In fact, some may consider home solar panels to be the N-Gen1's biggest competitor once it hits the market. However, it's really no competition at all when you get right down to it. The two can work in concert for a well balanced and environmentally friendly end to end solution. And the N-Gen1 can be added to most existing solar systems easily to provide more continuous power with greater savings. But the technology that powers N-Gen1 offers benefits that far exceed what can be found with traditional solar panels alone! Just take a look at the comparison below...

House solar panels

Solar Panels

  • High System Cost

  • Several Days to Install

  • Alters Your Home's Appearance

  • Large Manufacturing Footprint

  • Works When the Sun is Out

  • 8-15 Year Return on Investment

solar power


  • One-Fifth of the System Cost

  • Installs in Minutes

  • Compact, Appliance-Like Device

  • Small Manufacturing Footprint

  • Produces Power 24/7/365

  • 3-Year Return on Investment

How Much Does the N-Gen1 Cost?

The base N-Gen1 power appliance is just the start of what we will bring to market. We will also be offering more options for this one-of-a-kind appliance that can meet a number of other household needs and add to your energy savings. 


Below, you can take a look at our anticipated price points for the N-Gen1 and its upgrades once they hit the market in the months to come...

N-Gen Technology costs
How Much Can YOU Save With the N-Gen1?

*Calculations based total power usage including typical water heating and a typical 40% reduction in Natural Gas rates for home power generation

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